Fair Go for True Local's at Adani

  • Local MP calls for recruitment of local workers as well as FIFOs
  • Locals must not be excluded from recruitment pathways for Adani

Local workers from the Adani mine’s neighbouring communities must be given a chance to be part of the mine workforce according to Member for Gregory Lachlan Millar.

“I’m calling on the Premier to ensure that workers from Alpha, Jericho, Clermont, Emerald and Barcaldine are given the chance to be part of the mining workforce at the Carmichael Mine,” said Mr Millar.

“Much of the discussion in the media to date seems to assume that “local” means Mackay, Rockhampton or Townsville. These will all be FIFO workers. Yes, they will be regional FIFO workers - but they will still be FIFO workers not locals,” he said.

Mr Millar said he did not want to see workers from Alpha or Emerald driving to Rockhampton to catch a plane back to Alpha in order to work at the Carmichael Mine.

“That may sound absurd, but this is exactly what happened in many Bowen Basin mines during the boom. Workers had to fly from Bowen Basin towns where they lived with their families in order to catch a plane back from Brisbane so they could work at their local mine. This was the only way to satisfy their employment contracts. Many local workers then had to reside in a work camp while on shift,” he said.

“Eventually, many of these families shifted to the south-east corner because it was easier that way. FIFO erodes our rural communities and does nothing to help spread the population burdens that strain our infrastructure. We need a mix of FIFO and truly local workforces.”

Mr Millar called on the Premier to ensure there is a recruitment pathway for local workers to also benefit from the Carmichael Mine.