Gregory MP Calls for Urgent Upgrade after Christmas Tragedy

A tragic road accident over the Christmas holiday period has led for calls by the member for Gregory Lachlan Millar for an urgent upgrade to the intersection of the Anakie-Sapphire Road with the Capricorn Highway.

A local man died in a collision with another vehicle and his passenger was hospitalised with injuries.

Mr Millar said he had immediately written to the Department of Transport and Main Roads about  the need for urgent action at the cross roads and had received assurances that this would be done.

“This intersection is a vital one for locals, but it also caters to many tourists on driving holidays. These visitors include foreign nationals who may not be used to driving on the left side of the road. It also includes many people towing caravans who do not normally tow loads,” said Mr Millar.

“If you look at the intersection in these terms it is clearly inadequate. There is only a Give Way sign, rather than a Stop sign.

“There are not adequate warnings on the side roads so that drivers know they are approaching a major highway intersection. Even the normal contrast in road width that tells you that you are moving from a secondary road to a state highway is lacking,” said Mr Millar.

“I suspect the side roads have been widened over the years to improve the driver’s line of sight but this means the unfamiliar driver is now denied a vital cue to stop and prepare for traffic travelling at highway speed, and possibly for heavy vehicles.”

Mr Millar said that he had suggested that the Department examine every possibility, but urgently look at stop signs, rumble strips, and warning signs with LED lighting.

“This is just the latest in a long series of instances and we need urgent action to prevent further tragedy,” said Mr Millar.