If you applied for a postal vote but you haven’t received your ballot papers yet, don’t panic. You can still vote.

No Ballot in the Mail? Telephone Vote Instead.

The ECQ has advised me today that, if you live more than 20 kilometres from a polling booth and your postal ballots have not arrived, you can now register to telephone vote instead.

Barcoo and Diamantina Can Vote By Phone Too

This will also apply to people in the Barcoo and Diamantina Shires who had no way of knowing that a polling booth would not be provided. That meant people didn’t know they needed to apply for a postal ballot.

You, too, can now apply to vote by telephone.

Two Steps, Two Calls – Register then Vote

It is a simple two-step process. Before you ring, think up a six digit PIN and jot it down.

Step One -  Register as a Telephone Voter

Now dial 1300 912 782.

You will be answered by a recorded message offering different options. Select Option One for callers wanting to register for telephone voting.

 You select “One” simply by pressing the number 1 on your phone keypad.

So, Step One – Dial 1300 912 782 and Select Option One.

A Real Live Person!

You will be put through to an ECQ officer – yes, you will be talking to a real, live person.

Checking Enrolment and Eligibility
The ECQ Officer will identify you on the electoral roll and check that you are eligible for a telephone vote.

As this applies to anyone who lives more than 20 kilometres from the nearest voting booth, this will not be a problem for most. Your address makes you eligible.

People who have suddenly had to travel interstate due to business or family emergencies can also be eligible.

You Provide a PIN and a Contact

When the ECQ Officer has verified you on the Roll, they will ask you for a six figure PIN number and either your mobile phone number or email address.


You get to choose the six digit pin number. That’s the one I suggested you make up and jot down before you rang.

 Why the Extra Contact Details?

Your mobile number or your email address – again you choose which one – is so the ECQ can send you a text or an email with your individual registration number and the six digit PIN you chose. They are now linked. You need to know the PIN in order to use the registration number.

That is the end of Step One: ring, register, receive.

Step Two – Lodging Your Vote by Phone

When you receive this text or email from the ECQ, have it handy and once again dial the same number – 1300 912 782 – but this time select Option 2.

Another Real Live Person!

Once again, you will be speaking live to an ECQ officer who will go through the Gregory ballot paper with you and mark it according to your instructions.

And a Real Live Witness!

This will be witnessed by a second ECQ officer to ensure your instructions are being accurately followed.


Step One – Dial 1300 912 782 and Select Option One to register and receive your registration number tied to a PIN chosen by you.

Step Two – With your PIN and registration handy, Dial 1300 912 782.  Select Option Two and vote.

Extra ECQ Staff because of Delivery Issues

If you have not received your postal vote papers yet, I encourage you to consider telephone voting.

The ECQ have told my staff that they are setting up extra officers to handle an increased volume of telephone voting because they are receiving so many calls from people across Queensland whose postal ballot papers have not arrived.

Many haven’t received their Postal Ballots

I suspect tight time-frames were made worse by the million plus applications received following the decision to allow all Queenslanders to apply. Nearly one in three voters did and that is a huge logistical undertaking.

In Gregory we also have people in the electorate who did not realise they would need to apply for a postal vote because their area was not being offered a polling booth. By the time locations became known, postal vote applications were closing.

Please vote – Queensland needs you to have your say where it counts.

I can quite understand people feeling cheesed off, but please vote – Queensland needs you to have your say where it counts. That number again is 1300 912 782.

Please Share This

I would be very grateful if you can share this with anyone you know who may be waiting on a postal ballot to arrive.

You can share it simply by forwarding this email. I will also post the information on my Facebook page at LachlanMillarMP if that is easier for people to access.

For Further Assistance

If you need any further advice or help, the Gregory offices are open in caretaker mode to assist you.

Please don’t hesitate to call. Nicole is in the Longreach office on PH (07) 4521 5700. Laura is in the Emerald office on (07) 4913 1000.


Kindest Regards – and  don’t forget to vote,

Lachlan Millar MP
Member for Gregory and
Shadow Minister for Fire, Emergency Services and Volunteers.