Lachlan Millar has been declared as the Member for Gregory in the 2020 Queensland Election, with 84.77 per cent of all votes counted in the first preference count.

This will be Mr Millar’s third term as the Member for Gregory.

In contrast to a state-wide swing to the ALP which will see them govern for the next four years, Mr Millar increased his majority with an 8.9 percent swing towards him. On the first preference count, Mr Millar achieved 54.12 per cent of the primary vote. The two party preferred results have not been issued as yet. Postal vote returns only closed at 6 pm Tuesday, November 10.

“I am very relieved and proud to have been strongly supported by the voters of Gregory, but I am very disappointed to see my own party in opposition again,” said Mr Millar.

“We must do better and I promise the people of Gregory we will. I do think corona-virus dominated the minds of voters at this election. Even so, the LNP failed to shift that focus to Labor’s multiple failures in infrastructure, employment, economic growth, debt and integrity issues.

“I will be working very hard this term to represent the needs of the people of Gregory and to highlight the many areas where Queensland is failing,” he said.

Mr Millar said his priorities in Gregory for the next term include roads, school infrastructure and staffing issues and health.

“I am looking forward to the opening of the new hospital in Blackall and I welcome Labor’s promise of renal dialysis for Longreach. But I am angry that the Central Highlands has once again been overlooked for this lifesaving health service,” said Mr Millar.

“I am also concerned that during the election campaign Treasurer Dick said that Queensland Health would have to find savings of a billion dollars. There is simply no fat in Gregory’s health services to cut without seriously hurting my constituents,” he said.

“The Premier has promised that she will be introducing Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation in February 2021 and I will be consulting widely with my constituents about that.”

Mr Millar was heading to Brisbane today to attend party meetings this week and said that Queensland Parliament was scheduled to start sitting again  on December 1, 2020.

“Once all the seats are declared, both the Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet can be finalised, announced and sworn in. That should start to happen very promptly now,” he said.