LNP Forces Government to Act on Black Lung

The LNP Opposition did what the Palaszczuk Government won’t by calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the re-emergence of black lung disease among Queensland coal miners.

Member for Gregory Lachlan Millar said the LNP moved a motion in State Parliament last week for an inquiry to be established within 30 days in a bid to push the Palaszczuk Government into action and finally give much-needed answers to those suffering from the disease – however Labor voted it down.

“This is a disappointing result for Queensland coal miners and their families and exposes Labor’s supposed commitment to workers as pure rhetoric,” Mr Millar said.

“A Commission of Inquiry would have had far-reaching powers to determine why this disease has re-emerged in Queensland, but instead Labor chose the soft option of a parliamentary inquiry, denying sufferers and their families real answers.

“This was the perfect opportunity for Labor to finally act in the best interests of those suffering from this terrible disease, but instead they failed Queensland coal miners and their families.

“Despite continued media reports warning of the re-emergence of pneumoconiosis or coal miner’s black lung disease in Queensland, Why is Labor not supporting a Commission of Inquiry,” he said.

“The LNP will continue to shine a light on this debilitating disease until sufferers finally get the answers they deserve.”