LNP Real Economic Plan to grow Regional Jobs

Regional Queensland would benefit from more jobs and a growing economy as part of the LNP’s Real Economic Plan for Queensland released yesterday.

The plan, launched by the Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg at the Queensland Media Club, focuses on five core priority areas - Agriculture, Tourism, Resources, Construction and Manufacturing, and Services and Knowledge Based Industries.

Member for Gregory Lachlan Millar MP said these five priority areas would deliver the jobs and sustainable growth the local economy needs.

“The LNP plan is about restoring business confidence after infrastructure projects such as road upgrades vital to rural industry have been frozen,” Mr Millar said.

“The ALP Government’s make it up as it goes approach is having a real impact on local businesses in my electorate of Gregory. We are struggling with the double whammy of the drought and the mining downturn.  In a very real sense this is the time to build increased diversity into our local economies. This is the time, when labour, capital and plant are available, that we should be addressing our rural freight and transport network. This needs vision,” said Mr Millar.

“I would also like to see us broaden our market appeal in tourism beyond the drive market. The charter flight to the Ilfracombe Races hints at the possibilities of the charter market for tourism. Again, it needs vision and commitment.

 “Our small businesses desperately need help. I want to see the small business sector, which is such a vital employer and which underwrites our quality of life in the west grow and thrive. We need to address the sea of red tape which makes small business such a challenge,” he said.

“An LNP Government would continue the work we started in reducing red tape for small businesses and further increase the payroll tax threshold to help keep costs lower.”

 Mr Millar said an LNP Government would maintain and enhance the ‘Royalties for the Regions’ program after it was unceremoniously slashed by the Labor government.

“We earn these monies in a very real sense. They are not a gift. These funds are needed to keep our resource communities strong,” he said.

“The LNP understands that a secure economic future for Queensland relies on regional economies that are growing strongly and sustainably. When the regions prosper, Queensland prospers. We are the economic engine-room of the state”

Mr Millar said families throughout Gregory constantly raised the cost of living as one of their major concerns and, unlike Labor, the LNP was listening.

“One of Labor’s first acts in government was to hike up registration on the family car by 3.5 per cent, compared to the LNP’s record of freezing registration costs for three years,” he said.

“Under our plan, all Cabinet decisions would include a Cost of Living impact statement to ensure the impacts of these decisions on Queensland families is fully understood.”

Launching the plan in Brisbane yesterday, Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said Labor had no clear plan for the economy.

“After five months in office we’ve seen no plan for jobs, no plan for growth, no plan to improve business confidence and no plan to avoid the debt and deficits of the past,” Mr Springborg said.

“The LNP has the experienced team and a real plan for the Queensland economy that will grow jobs in regional Queensland.”