Member Calls Public Meeting Regarding BMA Contracts

A public meeting has been urgently called in Blackwater by the Member for Gregory following BMA’s announcement of the replacement of permanent employees with casual contractors under the Downer Group at their Blackwater Mine.

“This decision will have major financial and social implications for the whole of Blackwater – schools, the hospital, small business and genuine residents,” said Lachlan Millar, MP.

“I have met with BMA in Brisbane for a briefing this morning and they have been unable to show me that they intend any genuine consultation with the community or the affected employees before implementing a decision which will smash Blackwater,” he said.

“For this reason I am inviting all Blackwater residents to attend an open community meeting at the Blackwater Civic Centre at 7 pm next Tuesday night, September 1, 2015.”

Mr Millar said he very much hoped that BMA would send representatives and that there could be a cordial, open and transparent discussion about what such a decision would mean to Blackwater and the Central Highlands and what other options may be available

“We live at a time when the large mining companies are seeking government support. I think it is vital that we see that support also flows from the large miners to the mining community. The Blackwater Community Meeting is the perfect opportunity for BMA to demonstrate that they are not only willing to listen to their host community, but to actively address those impacts,” he said.