MP Celebrates Queensland Tuckshop Day

The vital role played by volunteers in Gregory’s school tuckshops was celebrated today as schools across the electorate marked Queensland Tuckshop Day (November 6, 2015).

Gregory MP Lachlan Millar lent his support with a visit to meet volunteers at the Emerald State School Tuckshop and to try his hand at helping out.

On a busy Friday morning the tuckshop was staffed by two convenors, Michelle Harrison and Megan Wass as well as three parent volunteers, Ted Peters, Paul Ryan and Jasmine Lee.

“I’m not sure how helpful I was but the team was like a well-oiled machine,” said Mr Millar. “Ted is in his 16th year of volunteering at the Emerald State School Tuckshop which has to be some kind of record. It is people like Ted, Paul and Jasmine who enrich our children’s schooling through their generosity and hard work. They are the foundation of our community life,” said Mr Millar.

“If people are looking for a way to become more involved in their children’s schooling, helping the tuckshop is a great way to do it. Research shows that children do better when their parents are involved at school, but not everyone feels confident about volunteering in the classroom. Tuckshop is a great way to be involved, make a contribution and make friends,” he said.