Vegetation Management

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s latest attack on our hard-working farmers, disguised in the fudged statistics from the recent Statewide Land and Tree Cover Study (SLATS), is proof the Queensland agriculture sector cannot afford another three years of Labor.

“The Labor Government deceptively included fodder harvesting and clearing for firebreaks to fabricate the numbers in the latest SLATS report, just to appease Jackie Trad and the far-left of the Labor Party,” Mr Millar said.

“Farmers and graziers have had a gutful of the Labor Government demonising them for undertaking responsible land management practices.

“The reality is, approximately 50 per cent of Queensland is covered by woody vegetation, so the vegetation management activities in the SLATS report represents less than half of one per cent of the state.

“It is inconceivable for Palaszczuk Labor Government to continue to throw our graziers under the bus in order to save their own jobs.

“The Labor Government labelled our graziers as environmental vandals, accusing them of clearing mass areas of land without any oversight – this is simply untrue.

“Under the LNP’s laws, landholders need a permit to manage vegetation and have to abide by codes of conduct to undertake routine management procedures.

“We need to put a stop to this perpetual cycle of fearmongering from Labor.

“Our farmers and graziers live in fear of being unfairly prosecuted for undertaking responsible land management activities, under a Labor Government.

“It is counter-productive and inhibiting the development of our prime agricultural land.

“Only the LNP will provide Fair Laws for Farmers.”