Vegetation Management Laws

Labor’s new vegetation management laws will have immediate and considerable impacts for farmers and graziers across Central Queensland.

These laws will affect the ability of farmers and graziers to develop long-term business plans and manage their biggest assets.

They will also lock up 1.7 million hectares of developed farm land throughout Queensland, without a single dollar of compensation.

During the committee process, departmental representatives admitted the science was wrong; that it’s actually possible, there is a net gain in vegetation across Queensland.

They also admitted no economic modelling had been done to determine the effects of the legislation.

The reality is, the changes Labor introduced will produce perverse outcomes which actually contravene the objectives of the legislation.

We need to work with all stakeholders to ensure a measured approach to vegetation management is developed; one which respects the unique profile of Queensland’s bio-regions.

Our farmers and graziers are paying a very steep price for Labor’s inner-city political agenda.