Virgin bailout needs guarantees for rural and regional Queensland

If the Federal Government decides to bail out Virgin Australia with taxpayers’ money, there must be strict guarantees of lower airfares for rural and regional Queensland.


LNP Member for Gregory in Central-Western Queensland Lachlan Millar said for too long airlines like Virgin have been using rural flight routes to line their pockets at the expense of rural and regional Queenslanders.

“Any bailout needs a guarantee for lower and affordable airfares to important regional centres like Emerald, Rockhampton and Mackay,” said Mr Millar.


“It’s not uncommon for regional airfares to be more expensive than international fares offered by the same carrier.


“Rural and regional Queenslanders should not have their hard-earned taxes used to bailout a company without an iron-clad guarantee to offer cheaper and better services.


“Let’s not forget Virgin is a company that recently sacked hundreds of its Queensland workers out of its Brisbane office last year.


“Let’s also not forget that the high-flying boss of Virgin Australia Paul Scurrah is holding his hand out for a taxpayer bailout after he hosted State Labor Ministers Jackie Trad and Shannon Fentiman free of charge at his $7.2 million ski lodge in Whistler.

“If the taxpayer’s wallet is going to open than the Federal Government needs to get an iron clad guarantee that cheaper airfares and better services will be proved by Virgin to rural and regional Queensland.

“It’s time to get some bang for our buck for regional Queensland from any corporate bailouts.”