The Palaszczuk Government’s boast that it is delivering permanent fuel price reporting to save Queenslanders money just shows Queensland has government from Brisbane, for Brisbane according to LNP Western Queensland spokesman, Lachlan Millar, Member for Gregory.

“The cost of fuel in regional Queensland, and particularly inland Queensland, has been a scandal for years,” said Mr Millar.

“All the price reporting app shows people in inland Queensland is how ripped off we are. The price reporting app works if you have access to wide retail fuel competition. Most of Queensland doesn’t.

“The Queensland Government used to recognise this with a fuel excise rebate, but when Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was Anna Bligh’s Transport Minister, she cut the fuel excise rebate. Now she looks for someone else to blame,” he said.

“For the Labor Minister to tell residents of towns like Emerald and Longreach that if they had been using the app over the last year they could have saved up to $147 is just insulting and laughable. The prices are always way higher. Last time I checked on the RACQ app, there was a 15 cent difference on unleaded fuel.

“All the trial has done for regional Queenslanders is to show them their situation is scandalous when compared to Queenslanders in the south-east corner.

“It is even more outrageous when you consider that country Queenslanders must drive to live. There is no public transport in the bush for people to use to get to school and work. As for travelling out of the district, there are decreasing air flights and long distance passenger rail services. Many inland Queenslanders are about to drive thousands of kilometres over Christmas. This is not the time to boast about fuel prices in the south-east” he said.

“To Minister De Brenni, I say stop grand-standing, get across your brief and stop insulting us!” said Mr Millar.


Link to original Ministerial Media Statement – Minister Mick De Brenni https://statements.qld.gov.au/statements/91110