The Beef Road is vital for cattle producers in Central Queensland, as well as mining workers in the Bowen Basin

The community is crying out for safer roads, and it’s vital for all levels of Government to work together to deliver these upgrades. 

From the one-lane bridge crossing the 12 Mile Creek, to the dangerous shoulders on the recently resealed parts of the road, we need to focus attention to making this road safer.

We need to work with mining companies and employees around safe road travel, especially when it comes to driving tired after shift.  While the pull of getting home after a long shift is tempting, it’s not worth putting your life, or someone else’s, in danger.

I’m calling on the State Government to deliver funds for road upgrades and safety works on the Fitzroy Development Road in the upcoming State Budget.

The State Government needs to invest in road upgrades and safety solutions for this vital road.

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