FIFO and Black Lung legislation passes through Queensland Parliament

Member for Gregory Lachlan Millar welcomed two landmark pieces of legislation that passed through Queensland Parliament last week, which he said will have significant impacts for Regional Queensland, the mining industry and for coal mine workers.

“This long-awaited legislation will protect coal workers from the deadly black lung disease and put a stop to 100 per cent fly-in-fly-out mining operations which affects many mining communities throughout Central Queensland including Emerald, Blackwater, Capella, Tieri and Clermont,” Mr Millar said.  

“This is a huge win for workers and for regional communities in the resource rich Bowen Basin.

“I understand the contribution the mining industry makes to the Queensland economy, which is why I am committed to protecting the health and safety of coal workers and ensuring our mining communities remain viable.

“The greater the population in regional towns, the more viable they will be.

“The Central Highlands region alone pays more than $380 million in royalties to the State Government each year – we pay our fair share of royalties, so I want to see small towns throughout the Bowen Basin receive their fair share of mining jobs and investment.

“The LNP is the only party that has been steadfast in its opposition to 100 per cent FIFO mining operations – we are committed to ensuring mining projects do not rip the heart out of towns like Emerald, Blackwater, Capella, Tieri and Clermont.

“For the thousands of coal mine workers throughout the Central Highlands, last week was also an important step in ensuring industry, government and the health sector are resolute in their approach to and treatment of black lung disease.

“This debilitating disease has crippling effects on those who suffer from it.

“The bill passed in parliament last week will unify stakeholders to ensure black lung sufferers have access to diagnostics, medical treatment and compensation.

“This legislation is long overdue – it will safeguard the future and health of coal miners, not only in the Bowen Basin, but across Queensland.”